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Haverstock School, Haverstock
HIll, Camden, London, NW3 2BQ


40 min games

3G Surface

Premier Venue

Top Site

Best Value

Times, duration and prices

Mon 5s 5-a-side 40mins 56.00
Wed 7s 7-a-side 45mins 89.00
Thu Womens Tournament 5-a-side 40mins 56.00
Thu 7s 7-a-side 40mins 77.00
Mon Legal 5s 5-a-side 45mins 61.00
Tue 7s 7-a-side 40mins 77.00
Mon Netball 7-a-side 40mins 57.00


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Haverstock School is the long standing choice of venue for weekly 5-a-side and 7-a-side football leagues in the Camden area, and this summer sees the new indoor netball league added. Situated less than a minute's walk from Chalk Farm underground station, or a bit further from Camden station or Kentish Town West overground, this venue is hard to beat in terms of location. Its easy to get to and where better to find yourself for an after game beverage than laid-back, carefree Camden High Street.

The 5-a-side football leagues are played Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings with 7-a-side football being played on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Whether you play the short skillful game or the long ball, this venue has it covered.

The netball league will be in the indoor sports hall and plays on Monday evenings.

The venue comes with all the necessities including changing rooms, showers and toilet facilities. Add to that a hassle free match night, an admin system that you can manage via your mobile phone and its probably no surprise that we are the number one choice for small sided football and netball teams.

Want to be part of the long history of teams who've taken home a Camden winners trophy and added their name to the hall of fame? For football it's easy to sign up here on the website or by calling Matt on 07917 679 466 or mailing

If you wish to sign up to the netball league here then you can do so through the site here or by calling Kerri on 07741911417  mailing  



Haverstock School, Haverstock
HIll, Camden, London, NW3 2BQ

Top Scorers
Name Team Goals
1 Sam D The Clangers 483
2 Pete C The Mikes 412
3 John S Chandliers Thieves 375
Top Players

Robbie Sinclair


63 P.o.M awards

Joe Ridout


63 P.o.M awards

Pete Bradwell


60 P.o.M awards

Upcoming Fixtures

Mon 5s 5-a-side 27th Sep 2021 8:00 40mins
Wed 7s 7-a-side 29th Sep 2021 6:15 45mins
Thu Womens Tournament 5-a-side 4th Feb 2016 8:20 40mins
Thu 7s 7-a-side 30th Sep 2021 8:40 40mins
Tue 7s 7-a-side 28th Sep 2021 8:00 40mins

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