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Pitch Hire Agreement

This is an agreement for the hire of sports facilities between Powerplay Team Sports Ltd trading as Powerplay (the "Organisers", We, Us) and the following Club:  [Club Name] (the "Club", You).  We do not accept bookers on any other terms. These Conditions do not affect your statutory rights.

League and playing rules are available separately under the Support section of our website.

1. On behalf of Your Club You agree to a minimum of 10 weeks pitch hire at [£see agreement] per session.

2. This is a binding agreement for a series of lets under which the pitch hire fee for the whole series is payable whether the club uses its sessions or not.

3. Payment in full in advance is preferred by the Organisers, though payment by regular instalments is acceptable.

4. To facilitate a regular on-going hire, the Organisers will send the Club a further 10 week hire agreement towards the expiry of this series.  If You do not wish to enter that agreement, please inform Us.  You must provide two weeks’ notice prior to the commencement of a series to terminate it. Otherwise We will assume you wish to enter a further 10 week agreement.

5. This hire agreement is in respect the same activity at the same location, being [venue].  Moving venues mid-series will not be permitted.

6. The interval between each hire must be not less than one day and not more than 14 days.

7. Each session is for [minutes]. During your session your Club will have exclusive use of the pitch and is not obliged to share use of the pitch.

League Services Agreement

This is an agreement for League Services between Powerplay Team Sports Ltd trading as Powerplay (the "Organisers", We, Us) and the following Club and Participants:  [Club] (the "Club", You, Participant/s).  We do not accept participants on any other terms. These Conditions do not affect your statutory rights.

League and playing rules are available separately under the Support section of our website.

    • 1.1 When a Club joins the Organiser’s league either by phone, internet or post they are forming a contract subject to these terms with the Organisers for League Services.
    • 1.2 Participants agree to abide by the League and Playing Rules as published on the website and sent to the nominated captain upon entry and from time to time.
    • 1.3 The Organisers will register this Club to the appropriate body governing our sport, (Football: the Football Association, Netball: England Netball).
    • 1.4 A Club shall always be automatically entered into a new league season at the expiry of the previous season unless notice of withdrawal has been served by the club captain.
    • 1.5 The Organisers reserve the right to refuse entry of any Participant, Club or Organisation from its competition without giving a reason; or exclude any Participant, Club or Organisation from its competition for breaches of these terms or of the Playing Rules or in respect of any misconduct whatsoever by its Club, participants or supporters or associates of the same.
    • 2.1 Premier will be asked to pay a refundable attendance deposit of £100 to enter the Organiser's competion                     
    • 2.2 The Organisers may deduct any fees owing from the Club deposit.
    • 2.3 To ensure the deposit is fully refunded, ensure that all fees and compensation owing have been paid and that the withdrawal procedure as set out below is followed.
  • 3. FEES
    • 3.1 The League Services Fee (LSF) is currently [£ see agreement] per week though this may change from time to time.   The LSF is payable in advance for the whole series or at the very least before the game commences.   The LSF is subject to VAT and a VAT invoice or receipt is available on request.
    • 3.2 Clubs can pay the LSF in advance via the website, by bank transfer, cheque or in addition at non Premier and ex Champions Soccer (ex CS) leagues on the night via cash
    • 3.3 If the full LSF is not received before the game, for any reason, the Organisers shall implement the ‘No Pay – No Result’ procedure. Furthermore, the full LSF will be deducted from the holding deposit.
    • 3.4 If a club is affected by the ‘No Pay – No Result’ procedure then the game will be awarded to the opposition as a 3-0 default win. At Premier and ex Champions Soccer (ex CS) venues the Club will also be liable for their oppositions match fee.
    • 3.5 Any club that pay their LSF by cheque which is then declined by the bank, shall incur an additional £10 administration fee. This shall be detailed on the club account statement, the LSF shown as underpaid and the ‘No Pay – No Result’ procedure implemented.
    • 3.6 Failure to pay fees shall be deemed a breach of competition rules and the Organisers reserve the right to remove the Club from that competition.
    • 3.7 The Club captain is responsible for all Club underpayments and LSF arrears. Any monies owed which are not covered by the Club deposit shall be collected via the credit card details held on file from previous transactions with The Organisers. This will be done any time after the event in question, usually the next day. Also, monies may be collected from the Club by The Organisers or an appointed agency.
    • 3.8 Any Club that leaves the competition with arrears greater than the original deposit may be banned from sanctioned sport by the sanctioning body such as the FA or England Netball.
    • 3.9 The Organisers reserve the right to withhold any trophies or medals from clubs that have monies owing from debt accrued throughout any season(s).
    • 3.10 Clubs that have not registered the minimum number of players may be charged a £2 per game surcharge. This surcharge can be avoided at any time by registering players online, by post or by phone.
    • 3.11 A match official will be arranged on behalf of your Club and the opposing team by the Organisers.  A fee of [£C] per game is payable by the Club and the opposing team directly to the match official.  The Club is responsible for the fee, but on request this will be collected from your Club by the Organisers and passed on to the official on Your behalf after the game so as not to interrupt the fixtures.   Otherwise You must pay your share to the match official directly. Where match officials work in pairs, the figure quoted is per pair.
    • 4.1 If a Club is absent for a fixture without giving proper notice the opposition shall be awarded the game. At Premier and ex Champions Soccer (ex CS) venues the absent Club will be liable for their oppositions match fee on top of their own
    • 4.2 If a Non Premier or ex Champions Soccer (ex CS) Club is absent no supply or sale is made. However, the Club hereby agrees that it will pay compensation for breach of contract of this agreement. The sum will be the LSF plus £5 penalty, payable by noon the following day. Failure to pay may result in deduction from the attendance deposit or the nominated credit card.
    • 4.3 If a Non Premier or Firmballs Club gives proper notice, it is agreed that the compensation payment will be reduced by £15. Proper notice requires the Club to register the absence by phone or online by noon on the day of the absence. This must be accompanied by payment of the reduced compensation. This discount reflects the benefits to the organisers of being informed of absences in advance.
    • 5.1 A Club can only leave the league structure at the end of a published season.  
    • 5.2 To not be automatically included in a new season the Club captain must give at least (2) weeks notice before the end of that current published season.
    • 5.3 The Club must then fulfil the remainder of that season’s fixtures, and shall be withdrawn before the new season commences.   They may continue to use any pitch hire bookings outside the league structure to the extent that these were made under a separate contractual agreement.
    • 5.4 The Club can only withdraw via phone on 0800 567 0757 or 020 7700 1888. This is so that the final position can be discussed and agreed.
    • 5.5 Any Premier or ex Champions Soccer (ex CS) venue Club that leaves the league before the end of the season shall forfeit their club deposit and will remain liable for the seasons fees in full. If a club is removed for bad behaviour or disciplinary reasons, the deposit is stictly non-returnable. Ex Champions Soccer (ex CS) teams should note they will also be liable for their remaining oppositions match fees.
    • 5.6 Any Club that leaves with monies owed greater than the original Club deposit, shall have those arrears collected by The Organisers or an appointed agency and may also be banned from all sanctioned sport by the sanctioning body.  The registered captain at the time of the Club withdrawal shall be wholly responsible for these monies on behalf of the Club.
    • 5.7 The Club captain consents that if outstanding monies for the Club remain unpaid fourteen days after leaving the league, The Organisers have permission to collect the fees owing from the credit card details held on file from previous transactions with The Organisers.
    • 5.8 If a Club leaves the league following the correct procedures as stated above, the deposit, (minus any LSF or Pitch Hire Fees underpayments deducted, if applicable), shall be returned via bank transfer.
    • 5.9 The payment shall be made to the registered Club captain at the time of withdrawal.
    • 6.1 All participants understand that these events are contact sports and contain an element of risk to the person participating.
    • 6.2 The Organisers takes care to select suitable and safe venues and able officials. But all participants agree and understand that The Organisers do not own or have exclusive occupation of premises used for Competition Fixtures, have little or no control in respect of persons admitted to premises (including adjacent sports pitches and surrounding perimeters) during Competitions and have little or no control as to how premises are used and left before and / or after Competitions.
    • 6.3 Club Captains are responsible for ensuring that they do not allow their club Participants to commence a game until and unless satisfied that the surface and other conditions are safe for the activity in question having due regard to the characteristics of their club Participants.
    • 6.4 Participants must report to The Organisers at the earliest opportunity any perceived dangers, violence (or threats of the same), or any other misconduct of whatever type.
    • 7.1 The Organiser shall provide its services with reasonable skill and care and to a reasonable standard.
    • 7.2 In so far as The Organisers is in breach of the agreement and the breach is capable of remedy, The Organisers will use its very best efforts to provide a solution mutually acceptable to The Organisers and the participant.
    • 7.3 Notwithstanding the above, in the event of The Organisers:
      • 7.3.1 breaching the agreement or committing any tort, including the negligence or negligent misstatement of its servant or agents; and / or
      • 7.3.2 being in any breach of any statutory or common law duty of care will have no liability to Participants save that The Organisers will indemnify the Participant in respect of any death or personal injury caused thereby and in respect of which no limitation or exclusion is intended;
    • 7.4 Without prejudice to the generality of the above, in no event shall The Organisers be liable for:
      • 7.4.1 any damage to property whether arising directly or indirectly from any breach or tort;
      • 7.4.2 loss of income, or profit, revenue, goodwill or anticipated savings whether arising directly or indirectly from any breach or tort;
      • 7.4.3 loss or damage;
      • 7.4.4 any indemnity in respect of the items listed directly above.
    • 7.5 Without prejudice to the generality of the above, the liability of The Organisers for all the losses caused by a breach or tort giving rise to a claim shall be limited to damages of 3 times the total amount paid by the Participant to The Organisers pursuant to the Competition in respect of which the breach or tort shall occur, and which both The Organisers and the Participant have considered and agree is a reasonable sum given the respective positions of the parties and the types of direct losses likely to occur.
  • 8. OTHER
    • 8.1 The Organisers may subcontract the performance of any of its obligations under this Agreement to any person without notice. Where The Organisers does subcontract its obligation under this agreement The Organisers shall not be responsible for every act or omission of the sub-contractor.
    • 8.2 This Agreement shall not otherwise be assignable by the Club or You without the prior written consent of The Organisers. The Organisers may assign this Agreement to any person.
    • 8.3 The Organisers shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by delay in the performance or non-performance of any of its obligations where the same is occasioned by any cause whatsoever that is beyond The Organisers's reasonable control including but not limited to an Act of God, war, civil disturbance, un-preventable flood, failure or neglect on the part of any utility supplying electricity, gas or water, the unavailability of or the prevention of access to premises, governmental regulations, prohibitions or enactments of any kind, strike, lock-out or trade dispute (whether involving its own employees or those or any other person), difficulties in obtaining staff or materials, breakdown of machinery, fire or accident or loss of premises. Should any such event occur the The Organisers may cancel or suspend the Agreement without incurring any liability for any loss or damages thereby occasioned.
    • 8.4 This contract shall be governed by English Law and shall be subject to the sole jurisdiction of the English Courts. 


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