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Powerplay 5-a-side leagues

At Powerplay, we're experts at running 5-a-side football and 7-a-side netball leagues. You bring your team, and we provide everything else. We've been running leagues across the UK for over 15 years and know how to get them just right. So how does a Powerplay league work, and how do we fix the problems you may have found with other leagues in the past?

How our leagues work

  • Our leagues run in mini-seasons lasting around 8-13  weeks. You'll normally play every opponent twice in one season.
  • Games generally run for around 40 minutes
  • Most leagues have multiple divisions. We'll find the right one for you based on your skill and experience level
  • Each league has an event organiser who'll help you get started and be your point of contact as the league progresses
  • We provide the match officials (referees and umpires) and all the equipment.  There's nothing for you to worry about, except turning up

What does it cost?

  • Premier Venues between £6-£10 per player
  • Standard Venues are normally between £4-£7 per player
  • No joining fees, affiliation fees and membership fees or signup deposits!

How long are the games?

  • Usually 30-40 mins
  • One long game each week
  • No waiting around between fixtures.

5, 6, and 7 a side leagues

  • All of the netball leagues we currently run are 7 a side. The max match night squad size is 10, and you're allowed unlimited rolling subs.
  • In our football leagues, we have a nice spread of 5, 6 and 7 a side leagues although the good old 5 a side format still dominates (with just under half of our football leagues).  
  • As with netball, football leagues allow unlimited subs and 3 extra squad members (so a six a side team can have a squad of 9)

How long is a season?

  • Most seasons are between 1.5 to 3 months long
  • At the end of the season the division winners receive a trophy
  • The top two are promoted and the bottom two are relegated
  • The next mini-season will start the following week

Why "mini-seasons"?

  • This system is much more fun as it is so fast moving
  • Every game becomes vital a 'six-pointer' or even a title-decider
  • You wont be stuck mid-table for weeks on end in this league
  • You are always playing new, fresh teams

Help! I'm new to leagues

  • Don't worry! Our aim is to create an informal atmosphere of competitive fun
  • All abilities are welcome
  • We can put you in a lower division with teams of roughly the same ability
  • Let us know when you join

Is it well organised?

  • We're experts at arranging 5, 6 and 7 a side football and Netball events.
  • We have an operations hotline for all queries
  • For match night queries, we always have a coordinator on hand at the venue

The Powerplay difference

Common problems with 5 a side leagues and how we solve them

  • Poor organisation? Never at Powerplay. We've honed our league organisational skills down to a fine art. Superb organisation is at the core of everything we do.
  • Match officials. The quality and experience of the refs and umpires is often a problem at 5 a side leagues. Not at Powerplay. On the netball court you'll always have a B or C qualified official. On the football pitch, all of our refs are FA qualified.
  • Your absence. Every once in a while a crisis will strike and you'll be short a player or two. Enter Gamefinder. Quickly and easily recruit players for your next match.

Join thousands of happy players

Whether you're a strong team in need of some serious competition or a training session, or a bunch of mates looking for a post-work wind down, we've got it covered.  Just bring your game and we'll do the rest - FA qualified officials, Mitre balls, amazing trophies and all the admin.

It's great on the website you can find out your games and your times

Brian, Brighton

Sometimes I get really stressed at work and I come down here and it's just gone

Craig, Ringwood

The organisation is spot on.

Sarah, London

The weekly email really helps you keep on top of what's going on, where you need to be and when

Maggie, London

A typical football 5-a-side league

What's a Powerplay match night really like? We walk you through it ...

  • Before it's even started you check the website or maybe our app on your android or iOS device and get your fixture time sorted
  • While you're at it, you check out your opposition's form guide. Hmmm ... looks like an interesting match up
  • On Arrival at the venue you head to our match night reception, confirm your pitch and register any new players.
  • Peeep! Your FA qualified referee gets proceedings underway. You manage a few early shots.
  • You're not as young as you used to be! You are pleased to have ROLLING SUBS, and after getting your breath back you fire back onto the pitch
  • With a few minutes to go, you receive a long ball and trap it beautifully! It's you against the keeper - a little shimmy, and.... GOAL!
  • After that hard fought victory you head down the pub. But not before a quick team photo.
  • The Next Day. After last night's celebration pint you check the WEBSITE for post-match analysis of your game. You find tables, form guides and masses of other information.
  • Fantastic - after that great goal, you have won the PLAYER OF THE WEEK nomination.
  • Next Week. Only one game to go until the end of the mini-season. Will you pick up the trophy and secure promotion to the Premiership?

Opposition absence?

  • Thankfully, this is a rare occurrence due to the nature of the mini-season
  • If it does happen, we arrange a friendly Challenge game
  • Challenge games can win you prizes
  • You will receive a discount on your match fee for a friendly

When do we play?

  • Your game will always be on the same night of the week and at the same venue
  • You will receive an electronic fixture list in advance showing pitch, time and opposition
  • Players at Premier Venue will receive an email fixture notification the day before their match.

A typical netball 7-a-side league

Let's take a look at a typical match night at one of our Netball leagues:

  • Your fixture reminder arrives by email at lunchtime the day before your match, allowing you to keep on top of things effectively.
  • You arrive at the venue a short walk from your workplace. Everyone's pumped to be out of work and ready for a tough match
  • You register with your dedicated match night coordinator who you know quite well by now. You've got their direct email address for any queries or problems.
  • You say Hi to the Umpires they're always friendly and happy to share a tip or two
  • The match gets underway. Their attack streams forward, but you jump high and prize the ball from the air just when it seems it had to enter the net. Nice defence!
  • You take a moment to catch your breath and swap with a team mate thank God for rolling subs
  • 40 mins later the match ends. Wow, you're still high from the adrenaline. A 14-12 win for you, with victory snatched in the dying minutes of the game.
  • Both teams congratulate each other with a friendly shout of Hip Hip Hooray. The competition is great, but it's not all about winning. The camaraderie is probably what you enjoy most about the league
  • That victory pushed you to the top of the table and you win the league! Stay behind for prizes and the results of the top scorer competition!

Find your nearest League

What are Powerplay Premier Leagues?

Powerplay has designated certain 5-, 6- and 7-a-side leagues as Premier Venues. These are clearly marked on our website with a gold label. They run on the prime central London football pitches and netball courts. Our premier leagues also offer convenient regular invoicing, which our corporate teams find invaluable. The leagues are often smaller and more exclusive; you have direct email access to your league manager who'll directly take care of any fixture requests and rearrangements you may have. They'll even be able to manage your team for you if you're going away.

I work all over the place so it's a good chance to meet up. We always have some good banter and it's good to see everyone at the end of the day

James, Canterbury

The refs are really firm, really fair

Steve, Canterbury

You can have a horrible day at work and then come down here and it's just good fun

Sarah, London

You've got different ages, different levels. There's so much diversity

Maggie, London

Powerplay Leagues are social leagues

One of the aspects of Powerplay leagues that our customers frequently praise is the social aspect. You can have the most horrible day at work, but as soon as you hit the court or pitch that stress evaporates. You're with friends in a team and everyone's having fun. There is no place in our leagues for aggressive or violent behaviour and you will be protected by our robust disciplinary policy which promotes respect for the referee and other players, and will not tolerate abusive or intimidating behaviour towards them. We will remove any player or team that commits an act of violence on or off the pitch.

A great way of meeting people

At Powerplay you start with a team of people who you generally already know. But after a season of fast-moving competitive sport, working together as a unit, you'll know them a lot better. We encourage people to register as individuals, and we'll then match them up with a team. And if you're an individual wanting to play now, tonight, then our Gamefinder is perfect for you. Want to meet people in London? Then just hop onto Gamefinder and see what's available.

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