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Overall team threat level: 6 / 10
This season

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Longest winning streak 2 wins from 17-01-2012 to 24-01-2012
Longest losing streak 9 losses from 20-03-2012 to 22-05-2012
Goals scored ever: 20
Average goals per game: 1.11
Goals conceded ever: 53
Overall goal difference: -33
Greatest thrashing ever given: vs kenrashleetonybullyernescodavemick 28-02-2012 (won 3-1)
Greatest thrashing ever taken: vs Deportivo Lack of Talent 10-04-2012 (lost 5-0)
Most goals in single game: vs What Would Keegan Do? 20-03-2012 (lost 5-4)
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