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What are the stars?

The stars are a unique visual guide on how a team within the league are performing beyond their footballing results. We know the league table shows how a good a team are at football, but have you ever wanted to know what the team you are going to face are really like?

The Powerplay stars system tracks the teams behaviour in three key criteria:


You need to be sure that these guys turn up whenever possible, a good committed group of players.


Nothing worse than playing against a team that don't pay their subs, teams that do should be proud of their management of the club.


Let's be honest, you are there to play football and so should your opposition, Powerplay is no place for ill disciplined teams.

How does it work?

As a team progresses with Powerplay, every 10 weeks they are rewarded with a loyalty star. Each star is shown on the league table for everyone else to see and gives them the opportunity to be proud of how they manage their team. 

If a team is absent without following correct procedure, or do not pay their subs one week or receive a red card, they will unfortunately lose a star immediately and will no longer be eligible to gain a star during the remainder of the 10 weeks. Don't worry they can get their star back at the end of the next 10 week period.

**Please note - if you are playing a team with no stars, do not fear the worst. They are just starting the journey of becoming one of the Powerplay legends!**


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