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Lusoaction FC

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Threat Level
Overall team threat level: 10 / 10
Current league position:
Recent results
2nd Jun 2019 W 7-6 vs AS Metempsicosi
19th May 2019 W 6-1 vs Tipsy Cow Morley
14th Apr 2019 W 9-1 vs Norfolk and Good
League Position
This season stats

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All time stats
Division 1
Team P W D L F A GD Pts Form
Lusoaction FC
0 stars1 stars2 stars3 stars4 stars
60 36 6 18 288 215 73 114 W
Longest winning streak 7 wins from 11-03-2018 to 13-05-2018
Longest losing streak 3 losses from 11-02-2018 to 25-02-2018
Highs and Lows
Greatest thrashing ever given: vs Norfolk and Good 14-04-2019 (won 9-1)
Greatest thrashing ever taken: vs Moses Misfits 01-07-2018 (lost 2-8)
Most goals in single game: vs West Yorkshire Rovers 26-11-2017 (won 10-5)

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