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Pimlico Academy, Lupus Street,
London, SW1V 3AT


40 min games

Premier Venue

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Best Value

Times, duration and prices

Mon 7-a-side 40mins 69.50
Tue 7-a-side 40mins 69.50
Tue Indoor Court 7-a-side 40mins 69.50
Wed Indoor Court 7-a-side 34mins 64.60
Mon Property 7-a-side 40mins 69.50
Tue Mixed 7-a-side 40mins 68.00
Mon Mixed 7-a-side 40mins 69.50


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Pimlico Academy, Lupus Street,
London, SW1V 3AT

Top Teams Playing Here

Top Scorers
Name Team Goals
1 POPPY H Wether Girls 180
2 DANIELA P Jet Ballers 171
3 Olivia P BDB Ballers 151
Top Players

Michelle "M.B." B

26 P.o.M awards

Emily "E.B." Bird

25 P.o.M awards

Heather Tillman

23 P.o.M awards

Upcoming Fixtures

Mon 7-a-side 21st Jan 2019 6:30 40mins
Tue 7-a-side 22nd Jan 2019 7:50 40mins
Tue Indoor Court 7-a-side 22nd Jan 2019 6:10 40mins
Wed Indoor Court 7-a-side 23rd Jan 2019 6:44 34mins
Mon Property 7-a-side 21st Jan 2019 7:10 40mins
Mon Mixed 7-a-side 21st Jan 2019 6:30 40mins

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