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Our Football leagues closest to Barrow In Furness, La13 9bb
Leagues (A-Z) Sports Played
BARROW IN FURNESS (Furness Academy CS)
PRESTON (Preston College Sports Centre CS)
PRESTON (Brownedge St Marys High School FE)
ORMSKIRK (St Bedes Catholic School FE)
BURNLEY (Burnley College FE)
WIRRAL BIDSTON (Wirral Tennis & Sports Centre CS)
SKIPTON (Sandylands Sports Centre - CS) Wed *Summer League*
WIGAN (Howe Bridge Leisure Centre CS) NEW LEAGUE
WARRINGTON (Orford Jubilee Hub FE)
ROCHDALE (The Soccer Factory)
WARRINGTON (University Academy FE)
HALIFAX (Trinity Academy FE)
BINGLEY (Titus Salt School CS)
OLDHAM (Vestcare Stadium FE)
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